Re: Ed Dolan the Great and Some Night Thoughts


Jeff Grippe

"Edward Dolan" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...

> Jeff, there is a switch-over point that occurs sometime in your 60's when
> you realize you are getting damn close to the end.

You could be right although I'm ten years from getting there. Hopefully
we'll both be around and I'll share my thoughts with you at that time.

> A young person who thinks about death is a freak, but an old person who
> does NOT think about death is also a freak.
> Nonetheless, I like your point about death being merely an event and not a
> process. I am going to try to think of it that way myself.

I was that sort of freak. In my late teens and early twenties I was quite
troubled by death. I made my peace with death, however, and it doesn't
trouble me. You are correct about me being too cheerful. It is my lot in
life. I can almost always see the bright side and fail to account for what
can go wrong.

> PS. I do not think Jeff will ever be eligible for my Order of the
> Perpetual Sorrows. He is just too god damn cheerful!

That's ok, Ed. I wasn't looking to join an order. There's far too many of
them already if you ask me. It is all these orders that is responsible for
all the disorder. That's my opinion.

> PS2. There are no more wretched creatures in this world than fallen away
> Roman Catholics. Aye, keep the Faith, but easier said than done!

I think that Christians should keep the faith. But I think that they should
follow Jesus not worship him. He never considered himself anything other
than a somewhat enlightened Rabbi. I would love to be able to read and
understand that bible in its original language without King James or anyone
else to tell me what it says. I don't actually ever plan to make the effort,
however. I'd bet that Jesus wasn't claiming anything that he didn't feel was
available to everyone.

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