Re: Ed Dolan & Tom Sherman - Enemies Forever?


Jeff Grippe

"Tom Keats" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> You're a mirror in which we perceive the worst of ourselves.
> You bring the worst in everybody out into the light of day,
> and then we can deal with it, if we're so inclined and
> have the jam to.

There isn't really a "worst of ourselves" and there is nothing to deal with.
There is plenty to observe, however.

Without dark there is no distinction called light. Everything would simply
be the same.

The part about other people being mirrors in which we can perceive aspects
of ourselves resonates for me as well. When we say that we are all one it
does not mean that we are undifferentiated. If that were the case then the
entire universe as we are able to know it wouldn't exist.

As long as there is an I that can distinguish itself from you then we have
the whole ball of wax. Where it all came from and where it is all going, I
haven't a clue but I'm pleased to be along for the ride. Thanks for the
opportunity to reflect.


Note: I wish I could claim these ideas as my own original thought but, alas,
I can not. These ideas came to me from Alan Watts who is possible the
greatest philosopher of our time.