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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Mark Janeba, Jan 17, 2005.

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    Andrew Karre wrote:

    > Sorry, this is all garbled. This is the problem: Once I've shifted into
    > the smallest cog (using the thumb lever), I can't downshift (shift back
    > up the cassette into larger cogs with the inner lever). The ratchet
    > won't catch, and the lever swings all the way in with no effect. If I
    > push up and in on the lever, I can force the ratchet to engage and it
    > will shift from the 10th down to 9th, and from then on with no problem
    > at all. Any thoughts?

    Question - have you reinstalled the levers yet? I remember noticing
    behavior something like this on a set of "in-the-box" Ergo levers; all
    was well once a cable was installed providing some tension, and they've
    worked fine for many miles since.

    If you've got this problem with a cable already providing something to
    pull against, you can disregard this advice.

    Mark Janeba