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    Jan 31, 2002
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    It does happen. I went to go and see a "water" doctor after mine started loosing feeling after a long ride. Fortunately nothing was hurt permanently. Try to get youerself a decent saddle (got myself an XO TransAm) and have your bike setup professionally. It helps. Rather do this now and prevent further damage.

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    Golden rule is that is you are feeling numb after a ride then you are doing damage. Change the seat angle/position or get a different seat. DO NOT take this litely.
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    Most saddles are designed to be level. So some comfort can usualy be found using a Spirit Level to set the saddle angle.
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    Collumbo. There are a host of other things that can cause this so don't automatically blame the bike. ;) Eweb is right, see a good urologist. (There's a good one in J'burg who is also a pretty good cyclist Might be less embarassing to talk to someone who know biking:p )
    Mine hasn't been working well lately but then I'm 73. ;D (Maybe it IS the d**n bike. :'()
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    I wont mention the V oldtimer ;D

    I find getting out of the seat for a few seconds, every few minutes helps alot. Also make sure you have a good seat, whats right for once person, wont wuite another.

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    I do this too, although I don't generally have problems with numbness in that area since I got a slightly more upright position on the bike. My backside tends to take most of the punishment.

    The other thing you should consider (and probably already have done so) is that other factors could cause problems 'rising to the occasion'. Heck, after a 200km ride I'd probably be too damn tired anyway! This happens to more people than just cyclists.
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    FYI men: GP suggested it was all in mind but took a blood test and urine test to be sure. Urine was fine but blood wasn't. It turns out I was just extremely tired which is probably the main cause - I had a very low white blood cell count... It explained a lot as I felt like $h** for a few weeks and kept on riding the bike - I probably should have listened to my body. Well... no such problems since. ;)