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    >> It's shaped like a European commuter, with fenders, rack, lights,
    >> chainguard, and 700cc tires (their typo).

    > I am European. I commute. It is not shaped like me. Indeed it is not
    > shaped like any other European commuter I have ever seen or met ;-)
    > Cheers, helen s

    Since when has Britain ever considered herself part of Europe. Britain is a
    lot like Japan, an offshore island which is not part of the continent. Most
    Europeans consider the English to be a very strange people, just like most
    East Asians consider the Japanese to be a very strange people. It is was
    what comes of their not being part of the mainland.

    Helen should get her head screwed on straight and consider herself more
    closely aligned with the US than with Europe, this for reasons of language
    and culture, not geography of course.


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