Re: Exchageable Nuovo Record cups


A Muzi

Probably yes.

We do have Sugino Mighty forged triple spindles. I take it you have a
vintage triple crank, yes? Modern triple cranks use much shorter
spindles than your 1046A spindle.

Is this bike anywhere near Madison WI? I've never seen a cup that
wouldn't remove with a Campagnolo right cup tool!

Andrew Muzi
Open every day since 1 April, 1971
[email protected] wrote:
> The fixed cup, Italian, in one of the first Alan BB shells , 1975,
> doesn't want out. The bearing race track look perfect, though.
> If I wish to swap out the spindle and crankset of the Nuovo Record
> that is installed, for a triple, can I use the authorized length
> Campagnolo spindle for the particular triple and reuse the old cups?
> Or use a Sugino triple crankset with its suggested length spindle?
> Yes, I know this is a Sutherland's question and may also get into the
> thin-cup / thick-cup issue.
> Harry Travis
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