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On May 31, 2:57 pm, "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
> The fixed cup, Italian,  in one of the first Alan BB shells , 1975,
> doesn't want out. The bearing race track look perfect, though.
> If I wish to swap out the spindle and crankset of the Nuovo Record
> that is installed,  for a triple, can I use the authorized length
> Campagnolo spindle for the particular triple and reuse the old cups?
> Or use a Sugino triple crankset with its suggested length spindle?
> Yes, I know this is a Sutherland's question and may also get into the
> thin-cup / thick-cup issue.
> Harry Travis
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Probably but I'll ask a first day Sutherlands question and ask, ya
know that cup is 'correct threaded, right? Lefty-loosey?
Plus any bike shop around with a proper Campag or other fixed cup
removal tool?

But measure the BB spindle bearing races of the 2 spindles and if they
are the same, grease, add bearing balls, install and adjust. As long
as the left cup doesn't go way into the frame, lockring can be
installed, BB adjusted, chainline OK, probably just fine.