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    Not to be sterotyping skater, but every single skater i know,dress the
    same, haircuts are generally all the same, act the same, cuss a lot,
    and do drugs.

    I have met some that just skate cause they skate, they dont dress up or
    act like "skaters" but he just skates, too bad all of them arnt like
    that... and it does seem like the are ignorant to the fact there can be
    another skater with them. I see a unicyclist, we start talking and hang
    out, when skaters see another person, they usally ignore them.

    Please dont take offense to anything im saying, cause i have met a lot
    of skaters\bikers\etc... that are extremely nice, will pick up a
    conversation with any random skater\biker, and are some of the best ppl
    ever, but from the majority i have hung out with, or seen, i cant
    partically say i like how they act lol.

    One thing i like to do though, is when im riding at a local skate spot,
    and see skaters trying to do a set or jump off something, i get up on
    my uni and do the same gaps and jumps they do, only difference is i
    usually land it lol, but then most times when i unicycler (like me and
    my friends) go to a skate spot to ride, the skaters leave, i dont see
    why, we arnt be disrespectful, and i would love to ride with them and
    hang out, but they just leave, how sad... =p

    P.S. dont mind my typing, im very tired right now and i am about to go
    to bed, im not even sure if i spelled something wrong lol, but just in
    case lol


    can you give me a shoutout in your sig. some thing like i love
    jonny....or jonny is the coolest. or be creative. but pleeeasssee can i
    have a shoutout from you?
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