Re: Faster Walking Advice



If there is one near enough to train on, try a gradual downhill stretch -
not a steep hill. This will help in building up your turnover rate.
However if the hill is too steep, you might as well run down, as your
walking form would be too different. And then you can walk back up, which
can help you become a stronger walker.

Just a thought.

> Practicing where you will race, or on similar terrain and conditions, is
> important, especially where trails are involved. So I plan to do this.
> But how do I get my walking time down into the 13 minute per mile range
> from my current 16 mpm without interspersing running?
> I'd appreciate advice on how to improve walking speed, technique,
> conditioning, etc. I am not looking to become a race walker, just faster
> at walking.
> Al Kubeluis