Re: Faster Walking Advice



The first issue to to make sure you do not want to actually "racewalk" by the
"form rules" of racewalking ... you can get real fast quickly and think you are
racewalking but not doing that form ... if the issue is simply to cover ground
faster ... as part of a running program ... then, I can help ... I call this
"speed walking" instead of "race walking" ... The first key is to use running
arm motion ... just like running ... only you want to shorten the arm "stride"
so you can keep a better turnover rate of your stride ... you want to have your
hand come across your chest a little more at an angle ... and probably go to
just above your sternum ... faster walking is similar to faster running in that
you do not want your foot to go infront of your center of gravity ... except I
reach a little more forward when going up hill ... but always keep pretty short
strides ... Let me know if I can help more ... you should be able to keep sub
14 minute pace the first time trying the form ... Roy, [email protected]
Walking PR ... mile=8:37 ... 2mile = 19:20 ... 5k = 31:05