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    >> > NEW YORK So who is Michael Brown, now catching all kinds of criticism
    >> > for his handling of the catastrophe in New Orleans? It seems his
    >> > primary career experience before nabbing a Federal Emergency
    >> > Management Agency (FEMA) post was running a Arabian horse association.
    >> > An article by Matt Stearns and Seth Borenstein for Knght Ridder
    >> > Newspapers observes, "there was little in Michael D. Brown's
    >> > background to prepare him for the fury of Hurricane Katrina."

    >> FEMA was for the most part was dismantled under the Bush Admin. Below
    >> is an article I got via email (if I know the URL I'd have posted that).

    > Some of us have been saying for the last 4-1/2 years that the bush
    > administration is a bunch of incompetent ideologues.
    > TOLD YOU SO!

    That is true, but you cannot absolve the New Orleans government of it's
    incompetence. New Orleans has been a hotbed of corruption and crime for a
    LONG time. Nagin is just the latest incompetent.