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    > This week the cardiologist who has been overseeing my care
    > bothered to give me a ring to berate me for a perceived insult to the
    > service I have been getting at his hospital. I had made a chance
    > remark to his secretary last week when enquiring about waiting times
    > for pacemaker. His tirade lasted 20 minutes and left me with a much
    > raised heart rate and blood pressure. Much has happened to me in the
    > last 2 years - 3 major surgeries in 15 months etc. Its
    > incomprehensible to me that a doctor, and one of his standing
    > (supposed to be a world authority on arrythmia) could treat a heart
    > patient in this manner. Of course, this is in the UK, where we still
    > have some consultants who regard themselves as very superior beings.
    > The government are now talking about "patient enpowerment" but I think
    > we have some way to go. Patients are still expected to know their
    > place. Diana

    Sorry that happened to you, Diana. Do you have the option of going to
    another cardiologist?


    Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
    Board-Certified Cardiologist