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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Dave B, Sep 7, 2005.

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    Dave B wrote:

    > I've been commuting for about 3 months now and yesterday I had my
    > first puncture :-(. Of course I hadn't got round to practicising
    > fixing a puncture so I was in at the deep end! I tried my best with
    > the pucture repair kit (the foil backed patches) but they just
    > wouldn't stick on properly. Do you have to leave them on for a while
    > before you peal the back layer off? And yes I had aplied the rubber
    > solution :p .
    > So I decided to try changing the inner tube (thanks to reading this
    > group I had a spare one in the bag!) I have to say I was amazed how
    > simple it was, despite being the rear wheel. These quick release tyres
    > are brill! So I now feel like a proper cyclist.
    > The back tyre now has a 1cm chunk/slash in it.
    > The tyres I have are continental sports contact tyres. I know if you
    > buy them yourself that they come with a one year puncture guarantee.
    > However, my tyres came with the bike (Ridgeback cyclone). Does anyone
    > know if this guarantee would apply to my tyres as well. Just wanted to
    > check before I contact the LBS.
    > Cheers
    > Dave

    The heading should read puncture not pucture of course :-[