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    I've been writing updates about my geared uni


    but this afternoon, I had my first scary UPD. In fact, this was the
    first one where I have actually NOT landed on my feet. Luckily I was
    able to walk away from it, tho.

    I was pedaling up a hill that was about to flatten out, so I was trying
    to switch up to the high gear. I clicked the button with my ankle as
    usual, but I may not have hit it completely. I felt it change gears, but
    then I felt (and heard) a clacking, like the sound that baseball cards
    made years ago when kids put them in the spokes of their bikes. This was
    probably the pins hitting the shifting mechanism and not quite engaging.
    Next I felt the gears complete slip as tho I had tried to shift gears
    again, and while the uni was in its brief glide mode, I slipped
    backwards, landing completely flat on my back. Luckily I was carrying a
    small package in one hand and holding my extension in the other, so both
    my elbows stayed away from the ground; my hands were at my hips when I
    hit the pavement. My back was very straight, and that's why (for the
    first time ever) my helmet hit the ground too (albeit very softly -- not
    enough to dent it or leave an obvious scratch). I was able to get up and
    continue my ride without further problems.

    Florian just mentioned that his guni's pins disengaged, causing him to
    have a UPD while pedaling hard up an alp. In my case (and possibly in
    his, too), the UPD was probably caused by the pins not fully catching
    into their locked position.

    I think that until Florian knows more about the matter -- or until I've
    had more practice shifting well -- I'll strongly consider hopping off in
    order to shift. After all, I rarely shift anyway (maybe 1-3 times per
    ride), and I'd rather ride safely than save a few seconds but risk a
    worse fall. I think I got really lucky this time.

    It's a great unicycle -- that's for sure. I loved riding over 18 mph
    without even pushing myself as I rode home later, and when I shifted
    back to low gear, it felt nice to ride a 29" uni once again -- still
    pretty fast, but much easier to manouver. I still strongly recommend
    the uni, but I think riders need to be careful, and I'd avoid lots of
    hops and drops until we've had more info from other riders.

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