Re: Flat bar to drop bar conversion


Dane Buson

Mark Mitchell <[email protected]> wrote:
> I'm toying with the idea of putting a drop bar on my mtn bike to give
> me more hand positions on my long commute. Problem is, my bike techy
> knowledge is lacking. I'm comfortable doing most of the work, but I
> don't know compatibilites.

Well, this one is kind of hard to do on a budget. The usual
recommendation is to just pick up a used comparable road bike. I've
taken the liberty of crossposting this to

> Hence the post.
> Details
> Bike late 90's Trek 6000
> The suspension fork has been replaced with a rigid fork. The
> deraillers are; F, Shimano Acera (triple) R, Shimano Deore LX (8).
> What I want is, dropped bars, probably bar-end shifters (friction is
> fine), and move the bars up and/or back a bit to take some weight off
> my hands.

Bar-ends are definitely a good choice for this. There are still eight
speed ones available, and since the left shifter is friction you don't
have to worry about the different ratio for mountain/road front

Peter white has them for $65.

Jenson for $56

The other thing to consider is that road brake levers will pull a
different amount of cable. I'm assuming you have cantilever brakes.
You'll probably have to get a travel agent pulley to change the ratio or
get the Tektro Oryx (~$20) - which work well with road levers.

> I'm a tightwad *and* broke so money is a primary concern. Scroungable
> stuff preferred.

> I have access to a couple stores in the area with used bikes and
> parts.

That's another definite plus.

> Once I have a parts list, I can start scrounging and adding up costs.
> What am I looking at to make this work?

Drop bars - should be able to be find those used no problem
Bar tape - new
Cables and housing - new
Bar-ends - try used, might have to buy new
Brake levers - Should be available used
Travel Agent or Oryx brakes - Probably going to have to buy new

Stem - your old one will probably not place your drop bars in a good
position. I'll let others tell you the best option for this. I'm
assuming you have a threaded headset - you might consider a
quill->threadless adapter and then use a threadless stem.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but this is probably a good start.

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