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    >It's the "Super Sized" culture that's being shoved down our throats. More
    >is always better, isn't it? People go to buffets and make multiple trips to
    >make sure they get their money's worth. I hear it all the time when the
    >ladies at Curves talk about local restaurants "Such and such a place gives
    >you more fish in their fish fry," etc.

    Two entirely different points. Super sizing is a marketing/sales
    gimmick butt we as consumers match quantity with value at the buffet

    >Here's a link to an online quiz about "portion distortion."

    Nice link.

    >A part of my overall weight problem is related to portion sizes because I
    >like to eat massive quantities of food. I have nearly overcome that with
    >the HMR diet, but I'm finding I still like to eat a lot at times - so that's
    >when I eat a lot of spinach and mushrooms and salad with my entree, rather
    >than potato or beans.


    >I bring my lunch to work and sit with a few friends. For my diet, I have an
    >HMR entree (just a tad smaller than a Lean Cuisine) and then I have 1 cup of
    >cooked vegetables with it and/or a piece of fruit depending on how hungry I
    >am at the time (or if I ate my fruit for a mid-morning snack). I keep my
    >veggies in a 1 cup ziplock container. The first few times since I started
    >this, someone would always say "Is that *all* you're going to eat?"

    I hear this all the time. I answer "yes." Usually, that ends the
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