Re: Forensics / liver iron / African Americans

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  1. Oh, there is some cause for concern here, low iron causes mental
    confusion. The subject line and the thread to which you replied are
    different, are we a bit confused.

    "How IS .. your .. hyperferritinemia .. there .. big .. guy ..

    Do you KNOW what .. hyperferritinemia .. means ..

    Maybe I should spell it .. for .. you .. ?"

    No thanks, you just did, twice, more confusion, concern increases. I
    looked it up, has nothing to do with:

    "What will you do when your last and only finger gives out there .. boi"

    It has nothing to do with fingers but with lens of the eye. All manner of
    mental confusion in evidence here, time to hit the jeritol I say, they do
    still sell it up there don't they? But one can understand how the mind
    might spin after knowing one's thesis was destroyed by the very
    information presented in support of it.