Re: Four Cyclists Killed in Wales

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    >>I saw no victim-blaming in the original posters message. Please point it
    >> out, if you can.
    >> - CF

    > Then you are quite blind. The OP clearly thinks the cyclists were the
    > cause of their own demise by daring to venture out on to the roads...
    > "Those who advocate against separate
    > paths and want to "seize a share of the road" from motorists, might
    > contemplate how freezing weather
    > changes the wisdom of this."
    > In the case of the UK, cyclists have a *right* to be on the roads,
    > motorists do not. When we are motoring we do so by way of a licence, which
    > is right & proper as it is when we are motoring we present the most danger
    > to other roads users. Do not blame the victims of bad motoring. It's this
    > insidious blaming of victims... after all, if they'd been sensible enough
    > to be off the roads away from those dangerous motor vehicles. Get rid of
    > the danger - bad motoring, do not blame the victims who were doing
    > *nothing wrong*. It's just like the twunts who blame women for getting
    > raped because they go out at night. It is wrong, distasteful and should be
    > stamped on every time it used to blame victims.
    > Cheers, helen s

    Women who go out at night should be with a male escort. Also, women should
    dress conservatively if they do not want to be raped. And most importantly
    of all, a dating couple should always be chaperoned by a prudish elderly
    person, such as myself, who will not permit any hanky panky. If everyone
    followed these few simple rules, there would be far fewer rapes in the land
    and Helen would be a far happier person.


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