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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Eric, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. michel wrote:
    > Richard Bollar wrote:

    > > > Also: I thought this would be completely obvious, but where can you see
    > > > the actual position where you are "at the moment"? Is it possible to
    > > > set the datum such that the position it gives corresponds to the
    > > > "Ordnance Survey" map coordinates?

    > >
    > > No on both counts. I assume you're locked into WGS84.

    > So I bought a GPS that cannot tell me where I am?!?

    Amazingly yes! I assume this is something that Garmin can change
    through a software upgrade. I have written them asking for lat/lon to
    be added and I encourage all Edge owners to also let Garmin know how
    they feel.

    > > You might also be interested in this page I created which shows some
    > > comparison data between the Edge and various other Garmin GPS
    > > receivers:

    > Nice page!


  2. JROD

    JROD Guest

    michel wrote:
    > Anyone succeeded in uploading "Routes" from affordable software to the
    > Edge? If I understand correctly the Garmin "Trip and Waypoint manager"
    > is not compatible with the Edge. Although I am not willing to spend
    > another £150 for the mapsource UK topo, would this give you this
    > functionality? Is it at all possible? I managed to upload waypoints
    > with 3rd party software, but these still need manual editing (on the
    > Edge itself) to get them into routes, which will involve lots of
    > button-pushing.

    I just got my Edge305 this past week and am not completely thrilled
    with it. I was hoping i could use it for geocaching as well, but have
    not been able to upload any waypoints where i have not previously been.
    Can you tell me what software you used to upload waypoints?
  3. michel

    michel Guest

    I used GPS utility ( and it is actually also possible
    to upload complete routes. Note however that I used the beta-version -
    4.20.t. I have been in contact with the author of the program, and he
    has been very helpful. As he told me he bought an Edge, I am confident
    that GPSU will fully support the Edge soon (if it doesn't already).
    GPSU can now also import and convert .hst files (Garmin history files).
    My experience with GPSU is still limited, but I really like it until
    now, it looks like a simple program, but is actually quite powerful.

    Furthermore I contacted Garmin - I could not really believe that the
    Edge cannot give the current location. However it is true, and when I
    asked if this would be included in a future firm-ware release, the
    answer was vague :-( The Edge must be one of the first GPS's that
    cannot tell you where you are. Well done Garmin!