"Re-gearing" a 2001 Trek 2300 w/Ultegra


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Feb 13, 2012
[SIZE= medium]I'm a new forum member trying to get a bike set-up for my wife.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium](I'm an ex roadie - I raced as a USCF junior in 1993/1994. I still have my 1994 Trek 5500 OCLV with 600 components...and am just getting back into road riding. My wife got addicted to "spinning" a few months ago and has the bug to go road riding. We signed up for the MS Wisconsin Ride, 65 miles a day X 2 days)[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]I was a bike mechanic/retail sales at our LBS (west bend, WI) back in the early '90s, so I'm comfortable working on bikes.[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]I found a 2001 Trek 2300 from a friend that should fit her...(more on that in another post)[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium]Low mileage, everything is in working order.[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]My biggest concern is the gearing - and I need help figuring it out.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium](this site is full of great information! I'm really glad I found it...)[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]It has full Ultegra components.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium]The front sprocket is a 53/39 and the rear is a 9speed with an 11x23 cassette.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium](The rear derailleur is a small/short cage)[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]It currently has 175 crank arms (which I'm concerned might be a little long).[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]I'm on a VERY tight budget...but want this "experience" to a positive one for my wife.[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]Can I convert this bike to a triple?[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium](I was given a "truvativ road triple 32/42/53 170 cranks" and bottom bracket (take off from a bike shop. But, I assume than I would need a new shifter, front derailleur, and longer cage for the rear derailleur?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]The bike has a St6500 shifter - which appears to be just a "double". Is that correct?
I found conflicting information online…
[SIZE= medium](Shimano doesn’t have the document for this online anymore, and IMO it only has "1 big click, and the 2 small "trim" clicks).[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]I found these parts online - would these be an option?[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium]http://milwaukee.craigslist.org/bik/2772360641.html[/SIZE]
[SIZE= medium]http://madison.craigslist.org/bik/2825261620.html[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]My thought was I could change the front to a triple and have a much better "gear range" for her. (The charity ride route is VERY hilly)[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]If I keep the rear cassette – can I keep the existing chain?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]I've been reading comments here about the "compact" crank arm (50/32 front)...[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]It doesn’t appear that I have “room” to mount a smaller cog in the lower position of my current crank on the front – correct?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]If I find a compact crank and go that route, what's the max cog I can use in the back?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]Can I use the mountain bike set (11x32 or 11x34) with a longer cage on my current derailleur?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]And I’m a correct that the 12x27 is the “widest range” cassette I can use with my current set-up?[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]Again - I'm on a very, very limited budget, but want to do this "right".[/SIZE]

[SIZE= medium]Thank you in advance for your help! I really appreciate it![/SIZE]
FWIW. A 50/34 will be easier to set up than a Triple ... an FSA MegaExo crank & BB will cost less than $100 (you can use a SHIMANO Hollowtech II BB if you prefer ... either way, the cost will probably be closer to $75 if you are a wise shopper) +/- the BB tool.

All of the 6500 series Ultegra shifters which I had were Triple capable, but I can't recall if that was a conscious decision or if that was the norm. With the 10-speed Ultegra shifters there was a separate model for Triple & Double cranks ... Triple capable shifters can be used with Doubles.

Shimano claims their Double Front derailleur will work. I can confirm it.

Add an appropriate LX 11-32 cassette for lower gearing ... a 34t chainring + 32t cog is lower than a 30t chainring + 27t cog.

Try adusting the 'B' screw to achieve more clearance between the upper pulley wheel & the largest cog ... 30t for sure, and 32t with many rear derailleur hangers.

You can substitute most Shimano MTB rear derailleurs for most Shimano Road rear derailleurs.

A used XT 750 rear derailleur in good condition should be only ~$30 + shipping on eBay -- the maximum theoretical cog size is 34t.

A short cage can theoretically handle the chain which will be used with a 'regular' (53/39) Double + most 'regular' Road cassettes ... but, I think you would want a medium-or-long cage for a cassette which has a larger than 28t cog.

Your only concern may be the rear spacing on YOUR frame, but I presume it is 130mm (the norm).

A 175mm crank is much too long if you set up her saddle for a KOPS riding position ... but, it could be 'okay' with other ridng positions ... it depends on the height & femur length of the rider amonst other things.

BTW. If you want to use a 32t inner chainring, then the easiest way is with a 4-arm 104BCD MTB crank with a 48t "touring" chainring + 32t inner (really, the middle).

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