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    Stinky wrote:
    > Hi, I have a question about the glycemic index and load. I have
    > purchased the book "Glycemic Revolution" and have read most of it, but
    > I am confused about what to use -- the GI or GL.
    > At first the GI seemed the easiest to use, but then I read about how
    > even if a food has a high GI, if it has low carb count, then it has a
    > small impact on our insulin levels.
    > Therefore, to me, the GL seems to be the way to go. Now, am I supposed
    > to choose low GL foods with moderate-to-high carbohydrate count (and a
    > low GI), or a food that has low carbs and a low GL?

    The glycemic index is easiest to use. You decide to avoid all
    carbohydrates that have potential (if eaten alone and in a specified
    amount) to rapidly spike blood sugars, if eaten in the amount that does
    spike blood sugars.

    If you say,,,,, maybe just a little amount of something blood sugar
    spiky would work..... and then you are involved with how much your blood
    sugar gets LOADED by the amount of food you ate.

    Then the glycemic load is better.

    If you have read the book and don't understand the difference, throw the
    book away and get a different book to see if it explains it better for you.

    It would be hard to explain it in a short posting if a full book by an
    "expert" had failed to be explanatory to you.

    Good luck in finding an explanation that is clear to you.


    1) Eat Till SATISFIED, Not STUFFED... Atkins repeated 9 times in the book
    2) Exercise: It's Non-Negotiable..... Chapter 22 title, Atkins book
    3) Don't Diet Without Supplimental Nutrients... Chapter 23 title, Atkins
    4) A sensible eating plan, and follow it. (Atkins, Self Made or Other)