Re: Global Earthquake Advisory for 03/29/06

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Al wrote:
    > Chung wrote: "Ask it in MY name and it will be done." -LORD Jesus Christ
    > I did, and you're still here.

    Sorry HE is not listening to you. Please forgive all my iniquities.

    You will remain in my prayers, dear Al whom I love, in Jesus'
    most precious and holy name.

    May GOD continue to draw you closer to HIM so that you will someday see
    the following written on HIS thigh:

    "KING of kings and LORD of lords."

    Will be available to "glow" and chat about this and other things like
    cardiology, diabetes, Bird Flu, the 2006 global earthquake advisory for
    03/29/06, cooking and nutrition that interest those following this
    thread here during the next on-line chat (03/23/06) from 6 to 7 pm EST:

    For those who are put off by the signature, my advance apologies for how
    the LORD has reshaped me:

    Prayerfully in Christ's love,