Re: Go Faster New Bike Recommendations ?


Mike Beauchamp

Why not just take off the fenders, rear rack, handlebar bag, and dump the
waterbottles? I'm sure it'll come within a few pounds of any other road bike
you'd consider buying. ... and that few pounds isn't gonna do anything to
help you "go faster", unless you're going faster up hill and you only weigh
like 100lbs yourself.

Sorry for not answering the question and ranting.. hehehe


"Steve Sr." <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]...
> Well, I have finally decided that I need to get a lighter weight bike
> so that I can start to be able to keep up with some of the faster
> folks on club and shop rides.
> I am currently using a Cannondale T2000 as an all-purpose road bike.
> It was originally bought mostly for commuting so it has fenders, rear
> rack, and front handlebar bag. I made the mistake of putting it on the
> bathroom scale once and it topped out at about 38 pounds with full
> water bottles.
> Anyway, I'm in the market for a lighter weight regular road bike and
> would like some feedback on possible options. Cost is a consideration
> but not an overriding one.
> Here are the things that I want to have on the new bike:
> 1. The frame material I am leaning toward is TI. I have found that the
> Cannondale aluminum is pretty stiff and produces a pretty bumpy ride
> despite the wider tires. I am leaning away from carbon as too
> expensive and maybe not rugged enough and steel as too heavy. You can
> correct me if I'm wrong here. I wouldn't mind having the braze-ons for
> adding a rear rack for credit card touring.
> 2. Tripple front crank with 170mm crank arms. I have a 29" inseam and
> the 170s seemed to make my legs much happier. The Cannondale
> originally had 175s.
> 3. Wide range cogs in the back but not quite as wide as the 11-34 on
> the Cannondale. Something like 12-27 would probably be good
> compromise. This may dictate a wide range (i.e. mountain) deraileur.
> 4. Shimano 9 speed drive train if still available. 10 speed if not. I
> don't really see a need for an extra gear and the T2000 is also 9
> speed so I have a source of emergency replacement parts..
> 5. Shimano components. Ultegra minimum. I don't want to start a
> Shimano/Campy war here but I already have the tools to work on
> Shimano.
> 6. Sealed bearing hubs in the wheels. I'm tired of repacking bearings.
> They don't have to necessarily be cartridge bearings but should be
> sealed well enough to prevent water and dirt from getting in during a
> ride in the rain or a hosing off cleaning.
> 7. Micro-adjust seatpost. I really like the Thompson seatpost that
> came with the Cannondale.
> 8. Brooks leather saddle.
> 9. I'm open for suggestions on wheels. It seems that there are too
> many choices out there. I'm looking for light weight / reliable.
> Here are the things that I don't want:
> 1. Anything that falls into the category of "stupid light" I am
> currently riding about 3-4K miles a year and would like the bike to
> last many years.
> 2. "twitchy" road race handling. The bike should be stable enough to
> ride "no hands" for short distances.
> Based on this very particular "wish list" it seems that it amost might
> be better to buy a frame and then build the bike up from scratch. I am
> mechanically inclined enough to accomplish this. The issue then
> becomes finding and procuring all of the necessary parts at decent
> prices. I don't know how big of a hit in cost I'd take doing it this
> way versus changing parts out on a new "stock" bike.
> As always thanks for your insight and suggestions.
> Regards,
> Steve Sr.
Mike Beauchamp wrote:

> Mike

Bike schmike. Everyone needs to check out his pan/tilt webcam. Super
cool! Somebody with a zillion bikes needs to set this up so we can
choose which one to look at. (that was to add bike content).

> Bike schmike. Everyone needs to check out his pan/tilt webcam. Super
> cool! Somebody with a zillion bikes needs to set this up so we can choose
> which one to look at. (that was to add bike content).

Hey thanks rich, I built that pan/tilt camera over a few days with extra
parts from 2 old 5.25" floppy disk drives. I do have a decent amount of
bikes I could put down there.. I'd have even more if I didn't get 2 ripped
off on campus in the past month. But, I -just- got home from getting a bmx
bike out of someones garbage :) I'll fix it up and give it to a friend.