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    >> I'm not a doctor, nor do I have type 2, or even type 1-1/2, so my
    >> knowledge of what's best for you may not be great. I would like to
    >> suggest, if you've not already done so, some fasting periods to
    >> confirm whether or not those basals are appropriate.

    > I have done this basically when I had an upper and lower GI. It was
    > right on and couldn't have been better.

    It should be something you do periodically. I find that my basals
    have changed many times over the years in which I have been
    monitoring them. Sometimes a change in activities or in meds can
    cause a dramatic change in basal requirements.

    I'm not trying to cause you to worry, only to alert you that what once
    was great might be needing attention again.

    >> whether you mentioned trying the oral meds for insulin resistance.
    >> There is a wide variety from which to choose these days, and your

    > I have tried every new drug that comes out and either they don't work
    > or make me very ill, i.e., Glucophage and Glucophage XR. Those two
    > earned me a couple of nights sleepover in the hospital.
    > No fun. We are still trying for some answers. I have just been given
    > two more tests.

    Sorry to hear abou the bad drug experiences. I hope the new tests
    prove beneficial.