Re: Group Can't Find COVERED UP Data

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Mark ProbertFebruary 1, 2004, Feb 1, 2004.

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    > Nor studies that went in file 13.
    > Mark doesn't want it found, his EGO would be bruised and his stock would

    > The adverse studies are *trade secrets* Uh huh. Conflicts of interest is
    > another reason. Uh huh. Negative studies aren't wanted by scientific

    > Pushing drugs makes lots of money and the kids come last.
    > Welcome to E V I L organized medicine
    > And the E V I L members seen here.
    > >Subject: Re: Group Finds No Suicide-Antidepressant Link
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    > We just covered that. One can't find something that is in file 13.
    > This is Mark's feeble excuse to contradict the article IIena posted.

    A study by the prestigious American College of Neuropsychopharmacology is
    not a feeble excuse, but your kneeJERK dismissal of their findings is.

    > It shows he is a member or EOM helping to do Satan's work.

    Wrong. The issue is NOT black and white. Unfortunately, you are utterly
    incapable of seeing that the world is grey.

    > He could care less about kids.

    Moi? I do not deny the existence of a real disorder. I do not deny children
    of the only treatment that has been shown to help. I do not post millions of
    anti-vaccination scaremongering URLs.

    You should get your head rotated 180 degrees.