Re: gym manager says machine calorie counters off by factor of 3

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  1. I think the gear marketers are selling calorie burning dreams as much as
    anything, why not inflate the numbers and have a satisfied customer who
    might tell a friend about how easy it is to lose x number of calories
    using it. If one looks at the many charts on the net showing calories
    used by a given activity for a given time the actual activity doesn't
    really use many calories and is only a smaller fraction of calories lost
    when weight goes down. Exercise does however prime the body for more
    efficient weight loss that continues for hours after the activity ends and
    has several other health benefits.

    >I just talked to a gym trainer who said that the calorie counter on my
    >home elliptical trainer -- which had telling me that I was burning
    >about 1,000 calories in a 40-minute workout -- was probably off by
    >about a factor of 3, based on the numbers he had on file for the number
    >of calories burned per hour by different forms of exercise.
    >Later on I tried the same workout on one of the machines at the gym,
    >got about the same number on the readout for number of calories burned,
    >and asked him if even the gym machines were off by a factor of 3, and
    >he said yes to that too.
    >I don't know how reliable the machine calorie counters really are (or
    >how reliable the gym manager's information was) -- off by a factor of 3
    >seems a bit much -- but that would explain why the amount of pounds I
    >expected to burn by working out on the elliptical trainer never
    >actually disappeared, and why other people may have observed the same