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Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by K&C Russell, Jul 19, 2004.

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    > For once, I actually used my own hands! I proved that any klutz can put
    > wheels together and make them work.
    > Ingredients:
    > CXP33 rims (silver - to match the bike)
    > 32h Ultegra hubs
    > 14/15/14 dt spokes
    > brass nipples
    > Tools
    > Spoke key, flat blade screwdriver, Minoura rim trainer (in place of
    > truing stand), some light household oil.
    > I just followed the directions at
    > Getting the dishing right is easy if you have a wheel that is already
    > ok. Set the bike with the good wheel in the rim trainer so that one
    > side is lined up on one of the (opened) rollers. Next, swap out with
    > the new wheel and start truing the wheel in situ using the rim
    > trainer's roller and the bike's rear brake as the dishing guide.
    > The tricky bit was figuring out how tight to make the spokes - "As
    > tight as they will go without damaging the rim" is not very helpful for
    > a first timer. A tensiometer would have taken the fun out of it, as well
    > as costing lots of money. Sheldon's site suggested two ways - 1. the
    > nipple gets hard to turn (not very precise); 2. Guess around an A
    > (440Hz) for the pitch when the spokes are plucked. A primary school
    > recorder is an excellent tool for comparison as it is much more
    > portable than a piano. Combine the two ideas and you get a pretty tight
    > wheel.
    > Follow the instructions on stress relieving spokes and voila! Fresh
    > wheels that are lighter than my Shimano 535s and much easier to fix.
    > Hopefully, they'll be more reliable too.
    > I'm slow, so it took me about 3 hours of work for each wheel (F and
    > R).
    > If you haven't had a go at it, try it next time you want a new wheel.
    > If you have, then I can already hear the "I told you so"s
    > Cheers,
    > Ritch
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    > ritcho

    Congrats Ritcho,

    You have now graduated in the Dark Art of wheel building. I did a similar
    set in silver with Open Pros to match the bike. Now enjoy the ride, it a
    great feeling on your own wheels. Well done.