Re: Harbour Bridge Ride - Critical Mass


Zebee Johnstone

In aus.bicycle on 24 Nov 2006 14:25:27 -0800
Duncan <[email protected]> wrote:
> This ( is precisely why CM isn't necessarily
> a good thing.

I left work a bit before 7pm and saw the bunch pass up Miller St as I
headed the other way. Fair bit of congestion and annoyance I think,
but less than situation normal near Circular Quay!

I was able to cross the bunch at Blues Point Rd as it was the tail and
I just wriggled through them.

one bod on the bridge path heading back was weaving all over the place
and it took a couple of calls to get him to move over. He first tried
to speed up, but decided maybe that was a mug's game and moved over.

There were people ahead of him, all riding dead in the middle of the
lane, but they did move over when asked.

Dunno what it is about paths that cyclists ride in the dead middle.
Being a slow old bent I always keep left and most of the regular
commuters do, but come the weekend or evening...


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