Re: Has Tyler H. Offered any Explanation?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by steve, Jul 22, 2005.

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    On 22-Jul-2005, smacked up and reeling, "psycholist" <[email protected]>
    blindly formulated
    the following incoherence:

    > How dare you come into this newsgroup and ask a bike-racing-related
    > question
    > without already knowing the answer or without having thoroughly exhausted
    > every internet search engine, searched the Library of Congress

    Actually I went to the Library of Congress, but they just called me a

    > Not, the answer to your question is, "all of the above," spiced with a
    > dose
    > of extortion.

    I read the stuff at his website, and his claim is rather general, i.e. that
    a positive result of less than 5% (5% of what I dont know...being a dumbass)
    can be the result of "other causes", and that THs result was rumoured (and
    why doesnt he know?) to be about 1%.

    Imagine if he is innocent..and Ill readily grant him that presumption...what
    an injustice that would be on so many levels.

    "Local firemen improvised."
    Benny Hill