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    tomblackwood wrote:
    > *
    > but where they lose the edge against bike helmets is on ventilation.
    > Check them out side by side, and I think you'll see there's a lot less
    > heat-escape happening on the skate helmets. *

    Now compare MTB helmets to Road Cycling helmets.

    The MTB bike vents (on the more expensive ones) are much larger than
    road cycling (and cheap MTB ones) .One reason for this is the speeds at
    which they travel. Road races go 500mph so they are ventilated just
    fine. MTB'rs travel in the wind-shielding forrest, and at much slower

    I have used cheap (small vents) helmets, and my current expensive one
    (Giro E2) and the difference in coolness factor (head cooling) is
    substantial. Doesn't justify the cost, but it helps.

    I still find it odd how the less material they put in a helmet (more and
    bigger vents) increases the price so much!

    I think the skateboard ones, while their riders would also enjoy more
    ventilation, are like how they are because they are designed for
    multiple impacts (as mentioned), or perhaps that skateboarders don't
    wear them anyways, so they have 100% ventilation all the time.

    I think a helmet designed for each sport is important, but for my
    experiences, a MTB helmet is great for all the riding I do.

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