Re: Hello everyone, Newbee here! Thought I'd say hello.


Hannah Gruen

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> Just thought I'd say hello, I did the atkins diet about a year and a
> half ago but only did the induction, today I've started again, day 1,
> phase 1, I was looking for somewhere to go to ask questions.
> Anyway, hello to everyone.

Hello to you too, Jason. It is good to have people you can 'talk' to who are
familiar with the Atkins program, and there are plenty of that sort here. I
know I would probably been able to stay with Atkins easily years ago when I
first tried it if I had had a group like this to refer to.

Are you doing Atkins for weight loss, or health, or both? What do you hope
to acheive by doing it? What kept you from continuing past induction last

Do read the Mini-FAQ that is posted frequently, and also Saffire posts some
excellent tips every week.

Ask away, and good luck!