Re: Hillary Clinton Has Fat Ankles

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Robert, Jun 22, 2003.

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    > Fat ankles could be a sign of congenital heart failure. Sitting on her
    > keester all day without exercise makes one lazy, mentally and physically.
    > After selling my landscape bidniz I gained a few lbs. (50 over 6yrs.). My
    > ankles were like ham hocks. I'm glad to say I've since walked most of it
    > off. When I can fit into my old wetsuit I'll know for sure. Atkins works

    > donating blood helps to reduce the chance of heart attack by half. My

    > cholesterol went from 254 down to 203. My LDL is just above normal (130).
    > Coincidentally my date to donate again was Friday. I'll be donating
    > tomorrow, so should you.
    > CB
    > Donating blood is good for the heart. Recent studies have shown that men

    > gave blood three times a year reduced their risk of a heart attack by more
    > than 50 percent.
    > Recent studies have also shown that donating blood can reduce the chance

    > certain types of cancer in men.

    I am glad to know that, thank you.

    I believe I will start giving blood.