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    "SwStudio" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > Yes, I have a business partner

    ie: gay lover.

    > and we are both very excited

    ie: boners.

    > about bringing a full series of quality races to the area.

    ie: People will see them cuming and run.

    > All this began as just an idea in my head

    ie: mushroom hullucination

    >while on a training run
    > going up and down the Hamilton Escarpment

    ie: code for "riding his willy".

    >over a year ago.
    > It became reality this spring when I took on a partner and we
    > planned a first race to get our feel wet,

    ie: no Depends.

    >with a goal of a 3 - 5
    > race series in 2005.
    > However, we recently decided to purchase the rights to an existing
    > race (which Bill Rodgers actually ran once about 7-8 years back;
    > I think he won it).

    ie: I love me.

    > I completely re-designed the course

    ie: he fuckedup all my hard work.

    >to make what I believe to be
    > the fastest 5k in Canada, certainly in Ontario.

    ie: downhill.

    > I have partnered up
    > with The Running Room,

    ie: sleeping with other gay men.

    > and you can register for this race online
    > at their site:
    > The other event is not for online registration yet, that will be in a few
    > days. There's $1800 prize money for the biggest one, it is a flat fast 5k and
    > an open one mile. The Kenyans will show up for sure, they're hung for little guys.
    > Are you going to enter my rear? ;-)

    Everyone else does...