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Roger Zoul

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> Happy New Year, everyone.
> My first post here, while coincides with the 1st day of 2005, is simply
> coincidental.
> I'm on day 3 of induction. Atkins style.
> Weight 285. Height 6'4".
> Total cholesterol - 116
> Triglycerides - 264
> HDL - 24
> LDL - 39

What is your age? Are you physically able to move well?

> Got type II Diabetes and High blood pressure, which is now controlled by
> medication. But not the blood sugar. This is another good reason to
> low-carb. It fits me well. I do not like sweets. I would rather eat ham

> cheese than bread. Although, I do like bread as well but I can manage
> without it.. So it does fit.
> I had decided to deal with my weight. Again. I had lost weight before on
> a loosely based Atkins diet, but more like a combination of Atkins,

> Power and Neanderthin. Worked well, for the most part. That was then, and
> this is now. It has been many years. Ponds gradually came back. I was at
> 240 or so at my lowest.
> I had lost the memory to many of the questions I have and I'm in the
> process of reading up on the subject heavily. But this group is like
> instant gratification. People with experienced answers. Points and
> counterpoints. So I thought after reading the group for a while that I
> plunge in. Most of the questions are documented. But if they were all that
> clear, I'd not be posting. So for the questions..
> 1 - I read people say their blood sugar had plunged to normal on
> induction. Mine has not. It is up there around 200 and higher. I am taking
> Glyburide. 10mg in the morning. It used to work. Not anymore. Been on
> Glucophage. It was as useful as tits on Ernest Borgnine. So. Why am I not
> showing improvement? Is a high spike normal on induction?

I suggest you see a doctor to get it under control ASAP. How much protein
are you eating? Are you exercising?

> 2 - Should I even care about the Ketone sticks not showing but a MAYBE
> trace? Is it too early? Once they do show: does it matter to monitor, or
> just enjoy the weight loss.?

Don't bother with sticks.

> 3 - Zero Carb, or 20 daily? Heard it both ways. Zero is bad. Gotto have
> "something" or things won't work. Should I just avoid it altogether, or do
> use the 20 allowed for the system to be sound chemically?

Do induction as written. 20g or less.

> 4 - I don't want to lose muscle. What exercise? Aerobic, like pound your
> heart? Or Weight. Yoga? (I HATE exercise. I live in my head. I just visit
> the physical world:)

Exercise is VERY important for a type 2. Most can greatly improve BG levels
via diet AND exercise. You need both aerobic and weight lifting. I suggest
you start a daily walking program NOW. Try to shoot for one hours in the am
and other at noon or in the evening, building up both length and intensity.
Also, start a weight lifting program, at least 3X per week. Lose that BS
attitude about hating exercise or you'll die.

> 5 - Vitamins? Fish oil? Multi? Fiber? Flax seed? Psyllium? Absinthe?

> one is a joke.) decide....

> 6 - What behaviors to develop. How to monitor progress. And NOT to over
> monitor.

Using to track what you eat (as best you can) and your exercise.
Build up a food custom food database over time. Only you can decide what is
"over monitoring".

> 7 - I don't have a scale. Does it matter?

IMO, a scale is a good thing to have. Get in the habit of standing on it at
the same time every morning, unless you are the type who freaks at every
little strange bimp on the dial.

> Some more are coming. As it is - so far so good.
> Many thanks,
> Steve