Re: How do I avoid simple sugars?

The best test is to ignore the labels in answer to your specific question.
If you get and eat foods in the form as close to what comes from the farm
as possible, you are getting the best sources of sugars and starches and
other carbs for purposes of health. If you would like to read more on
this and become aquainted with the best science on the topic in a form
that is very accessable without too much science thrownin, see:

>I know "simple sugars" are not the best carbos to eat. Thing is, I'm
>no nutritional scientist, so just how in the heck am I supposed to
>know if the carbs in a particular food are "simple" or "complex?!" (I
>notice on the food labels for carbs, they have "fiber," "other carbs,"
>and "sugars." Am I right in assuming that "sugars" is a reference to
>the simple carbs . . . or is there something else I should be looking