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  1. It remains my choice to refrain from judging others.

    This remains the truth though you are unable to discern it.

    However, others now have this "test of time" to grope out the truth for

    Meanwhile, you have remained in my prayers, dear Bob, whom I love, in
    Lord Christ's holy name.

    May you accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior, someday, so that
    you too will have eternal life and the amazing riches of His
    everlasting kingdom.

    Here's how:

    Please note that God truly made this special link describing that He is
    the great "I am" and that His message is as simple as the number 2
    which is a number between 1 to 9 and reminds us of His 2 commandments,
    the 2 arms of the cross, the 2nd part of the Trinity, the 2 finger sign
    of the Prince of Peace [who remains *V*ictorious over death and satan],
    and the 2PD Approach. Let it not ever be written that Christ did not
    make His presence known here on Usenet :)

    Also, note that Exodus 16:16 continues to remind us that 16 oz plus 16
    oz makes 2 pounds, which is "a certain measure of weight," which is
    what "omer" literally means in Hebrew.

    Enter the 2PD-OMER Approach:

    At His service,


    Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
    Board-Certified Cardiologist

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    Bob (this one) wrote:
    > Andrew B. Chung wrote:
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    news:<[email protected]>...
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    > >>Andrew B. Chung wrote:
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    > >>>"Bob (this one)" <[email protected]> wrote in message

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    > >>>
    > >>><snipped -->>
    > >>>
    > >>>>>He is omnipotent. For the Creator of the universe, directing

    > >>>>>course of history without taking away the free will of

    individuals is
    > >>>>>a trivial undertaking.
    > >>>>
    > >>>>Not even God can reconcile mutually exclusive terms. Either

    > >>>>were directed or the people had free will. I can accept either

    > >>>>(since there's no proof for either, they're unarguable) but both
    > >>>>cannot co-exist simultaneously.
    > >>>
    > >>><snipped -->>
    > >>>
    > >>>Answer: Logic is subordinate to the truth which is God.
    > >>
    > >>This sentence is a void assertion. Still more examples of fallacies

    > >>assumption. No evidence for the existence of God and no evidence

    > >>any relationship with truth. No proof that logic is subordinate to
    > >>anything else. Without those preconditions (and some others), the
    > >>sentence is meaningless. It can only be offered as a statement of
    > >>faith. And even so, it makes no sense. It assumes that God can
    > >>logically be illogical or, bafflingly, alogical or, even more

    > >>somehow extra-logical. If that were so, then God could make a rock

    > >>big he couldn't lift it - while lifting it. Not even God can

    > >>mutually exclusive terms.
    > >>
    > >> > Similarly, we have free will given by God but the outcomes of

    > >> willful actions are subordinate to His greater will and plan.
    > >>
    > >>No. This definition of free will being promulgated by this

    > >>removes the very element of freedom from behavior that his plan
    > >>dictates. Either we can determine our own fates by our actions or

    > >>can't because "our willful actions are subordinate to His greater

    > >>and plan." If we can't, we don't have free will. Something cannot

    > >>and not be at the same time. Free will *or* God's plan that directs

    > >>us. It's that simple. Not even God can reconcile mutually exclusive

    > >>terms.
    > >>
    > >>
    > >>>Such truths stand without need for any proof.
    > >>
    > >>*No* "truths" stand without proof. Statements are "truths" because
    > >>they've been measured against objective reality. Opinions can stand

    > >>without proof. Faith doesn't demand proof, but then it can't be
    > >>offered as "truth." It's merely a subjective belief.
    > >>
    > >>Such "truths" are your opinion. They aren't Truths because they

    > >>be tested against any objective standard and they don't hold up

    > >>questioning scrutiny. Your saying that it's what you discern

    > >>make it true. It only makes it your unconfirmed opinion.

    > >>since you haven't offered anything to substantiate the existence of

    > >>the "gift" and, further, that you have it.
    > >>
    > >>
    > >>> Sorry you do not like the truth (shrug).
    > >>
    > >>I don't like faith-based assertions offered as though they were

    > >>Truth remains to be seen. And proven. Without proof it's not truth,

    > >>the very definition; it's at best opinion, no matter what unproven
    > >>claims for "discernment" muddy the issues.

    > >
    > > Simply consider the following decision tree:

    > First, learn what a decision tree is. Second, learn the difference
    > between fact and fancy. Third, have the honesty top deal with the
    > words in front of you.
    > > (1) Accept Christ.
    > > Risk: Nothing.
    > >
    > > Benefits: Salvation, purposeful life, eternal life, unimaginable

    > > in God's eternal kingdom.
    > >
    > > (2) Reject Christ.
    > > Risk: Eternal separation from God. Eternal torment of your soul by
    > > satan.
    > >
    > > Benefits: Nothing.
    > >
    > > One has to conclude that those (ie you, Carey, George, Frank,

    Hawki, Steve,
    > > Don et al) who would reject Christ have not thought out your

    > > *logically*.

    > Fourth, at least put up the false front of adhering to your own phony

    > "rules" wherein you falsely claim not to judge others. To "conclude"
    > is to go through a line of reasoning. That de facto is judgement.
    > Because people have refused to play your unbalanced mind games

    > mean that they've done what you *imagine* they have. I daresay most
    > people who read your insane rantings see you as a crank not worth
    > engaging and, so, reveal nothing to you that you may use as

    > against them. As you so, so often do.
    > > Truth is simple.

    > Your "truth" is insupportable bullshit. Like these nonsense ravings:
    > > Logic is subordinate to the truth which is God.
    > >> > Similarly, we have free will given by God but the outcomes of

    > >> willful actions are subordinate to His greater will and plan.
    > >>>Such truths stand without need for any proof.
    > >>> Sorry you do not like the truth (shrug).

    > > Truth is simple.

    > It's ever more hilarious how you say that logic is flawed and only
    > faith permits truth and then you backtrack on yourself and now
    > promulgate "logic." Pity that you seem to have surrendered all
    > capacity for it with your unproven premises and assumptions not
    > merited from evidence. If you're going to try to peddle the idea of
    > logic, it would behoove you to make at least a stab at it yourself.
    > Bob