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Discussion in '' started by musketman, Feb 13, 2005.

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    The weather was bad with us today as well, so my son and I put on some
    warm clothes and went out to the street outside our house. He was on his
    bike with stabilisers (he is four), and I was on my Muni. It wasn't
    much, but we had good fun racing up and down for half an hour.


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    OK so down here in the namby-pamby south it may not be quite as cold as
    where you are, but we had some pretty blustery winds, sleet, rain and
    hail today with the odd spell of sunshine to lull you into a false sense
    of security.

    Like Innes, I was out front in the street with my son (on his Green
    Machine) and me on my uni. Only problem for me is I still have the
    rubbish plastic pedals on my cheapo uni, and as soon as they get a
    little damp my feet slip off all the time. So I practised freemounting
    my nice new 29" (with the little aluminium pegs on the pedals) for a
    while. Approx attempt to nailing it ratio = 56:1 :(

    My son Joe (9) was then trying to ride my uni with a shorter seat stem.
    I'm not helping him any more, as it looks dangerously like he'll be
    better than me by tomorrow...

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    thanks guys. I'll have to get out, no matter what the weather this
    coming weekend :)

    As for the coasting... Its not really coming on. I only practice at the
    club on thursday, of which ive missed the last 2. I'm still practicing
    though. Think I'll give it more attention.


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