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    >> Ornish critiqued the newly reported JAMA study, and here's what he
    >> found. The women in the study who were supposed to change their diet,
    >> didn't change it very much. In fact, it was reported that their diet
    >> was 29 percent fat! That's clearly not a low-fat diet.

    > Actually, in the first year, the women cut their fat intake to 24%. By
    > the end of the study, it was 29% fat. The control group consumed 35%
    > fat in the first year, 37% at the end of the study.

    That tells us something: people don't generally like very low fat
    diets, as fat makes foods more palatable.
    Therefore, the adherence rate will be low, on the long rate.

    > That was a
    > reduction of fat intake of between 22% and 31%. Now just about
    > everyone but Dr. Ornish would consider that a significant reduction.

    Well, it is significant, but not huge: both percentages are within the
    officially safe AMDR for Fat: 20 to 35%.

    The new research doesn't tell much about very low fat (say Ornish,
    10%) or very high fat diets.

    > Yet, it produced no difference in CHD or cancer.

    8 ys. not a long time for cancer.

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