Re: If Johnny Cochran Was Still Here...


Bill C

On May 23, 10:42 am, Doug Taylor <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Wed, 23 May 2007 13:51:51 GMT, Ryan Cousineau <[email protected]>
> wrote:
> >> This is the FACT: Anyone who NEEDS a lawyer like Johnny Cochran to
> >> "get them off" is guilty as sin, and if they get off, they'll be
> >> respected among people with brains just about as much as O.J. is now.

> >Were that it were so. The fun part of medical lab testing is the number*
> >of innocent people getting cleared these days by DNA evidence, in some
> >cases springing them from jail.

> >I'm pretty sure all those people NEEDED a lawyer like Johnny Cochran,
> >they just didn't have one.

> >Or the Duke lacrosse players, for a more recent example of a group of
> >people whose lives were nearly ruined by overzealous prosecution.

> Apples and oranges.
> The truly innocent accused doesn't need a lawyer like Johnny Cochran
> to "get them off." All they need is a minimally competent one to
> ascertain the facts, and sadly that is not always the case.
> Johnny Cochran was an expensive expert trial lawyer, whom the general
> public, correctly or incorrectly, trust and respect about as much as
> used car or insurance salesmen - or politicians.
> The Duke lacrosse players ran into a different problem: the truly
> rare case of an abuse of power by a despicable rogue prosecutor
> running for political office. Who, by the way, is the "real killer"
> and will likely lose his law license and go bankrupt from the civil
> suits the wrongly accused will bring against him. And rightly so.
> So we have two choices with Floyd:
> Is he just another common example of a guilty rich scum lawyering up
> to "get off"?
> Is he another rare example of a victim of a nefarious conspiracy out
> to "get him."?
> I suggest from a rational, objective point of view that the odds
> overwhelmingly are in favor of the first.
> But hope and credulity spring eternal, and the RBR partisans slant
> overwhelmingly toward the second.
> I say you all are in la la land.
> Even if he gets the deserved 2 year suspension, no partisan will ever
> be convinced.

These are your kind of investigators apparently:
In court papers released when state and federal charges were filed
last month against the officers involved, prosecutors alleged that
Atlanta narcotics officers repeatedly lied to judges to obtain search
warrants, falsely claimed confidential informants purchased drugs and
falsified warrants to meet goals set by police brass.

Two of the officers involved in the raid have pleaded guilty to
manslaughter and other charges and are awaiting sentencing. Another
officer still faces charges.

There's an awful lot of stuff being thrown out, police labs
discredited, and cops convicted to support your blanket assertion.
Wada is worse than 95% of the cops out there too IMO.
Bill C