Re: 'If There is a Revolution, I Will Man the Guillotine'



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> Bushsucks <[email protected]> wrote
> These Gutless Puke Dems - SO eager to look pro-military and security-
> won't win JACK **** in 2006 or 2008, despite the fact that the
> Republicans in control are a gang of criminals, theocrats, liars,
> embezzlers, thieves, budget busters, murderers, traitors,
> megalomaniacs and LIARS.
> WHY will the Dems lose? Because their BASE - folks like me - WILL
> GIVE UP on the wishy-washy, gutless puke bastards. WE WON'T VOTE OR
> Screw 'em all. Screw the country. If there is a revolution, I will
> man the guillotine (or push the wheelbarrow used to haul off the
> heads).
> And you can QUOTE me.
> [glad to]

Does anyone feel there is a certain discontent in the land?


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