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    "Bill Baka" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > [email protected] wrote:

    > It's bad enough we have a proven moron on this group in the person of one
    > Ed Dolan. We don't need two, FRANK!


    There is only one certified supreme moron on this newsgroup and that person
    is Bill Baka. He occasionally has some good instincts and some nice homey
    expressions, but he nevertheless ends up being as dumb as an ox. That is
    because he is a liberal nut case (he voted for Carter TWICE) and as such is
    disqualified from ever commenting on anything - period!

    He has no intellectual interests at all as is proved by his every post. God,
    don't you just get sick and tired of reading what working class slobs have
    to say about things. I mean, they are all just so confoundedly stupid! One
    freaking minute he is telling us that he is going for a bike ride because it
    is no longer raining in sunny California and the next minute he is trying to
    tell us something about the science of physics. These pseudo-scientific
    working class slobs are without any question the most imbecilic people in
    the world. Bill Baka would screw up trying to explain how 2 plus 2 equals 4.

    But note how he feels obligated to make some kind of assinine comment on
    just about every thread that gets posted to RBM. Thank God we do not have
    such idiots as him on ARBR. Even I, as Great as I am, do not tread on every
    thread. But poor old Bill Baka thinks that what he has to say counts for
    something. He should listen more to his detractors, but they are too kind to
    him. He will find out shortly that I am not so kind and that I mean to show
    him up for the fool that he is.


    Ed Dolan the Great - Minnesota
    Saint Edward the Great - Order of the Perpetual Sorrows - Minnesota

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