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    Hey all, its been like 4 months now but im back to the forums, ive
    mainly been lurking and checking in every month, only stopping to read
    the interesting posts(I'm not saying that the other posts arent
    interesting, im just saying that some posts are more/less better than
    others :p ) Well anywho, I've basically been up to the same old same
    old, Ive now managed a 6footer onto concrete(only a couple of times for
    the sake of my legs and Uni) and have been keeping it real up in the
    Muni sections too... Just posting to say, Im here! I laugh nnow because
    one of my new years forum resolutios was to do the backflip by my
    birthday, and i have almost given up, il try it some times but no
    progress so i guess itll have to wait untill i have no more career in
    dance and my legs dont care about consequenses, and hey if i get around
    to it ill make a video of what i can do so far on the tramp with my uni.
    Well im Outie for now doggs, keep it rizzle mo nizzle fo shizzle one

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    It has been awhile sinc we saw you around here. a few months after I
    started uniing, I noticed you dissapeared. Im glad that you are alright.
    where did you go? 6 footer to concrete... last time I tried a 6 footer
    to grass the uni gave out underneath me! (it wasnt made for that. it was
    a torker lx. haha) keep trying on the backflip. we want to see you pull
    it one of these days!!!

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