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  2. I'm none of the above: clowns just really freak me out. Why has there
    been so many clown threads recently?!

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    It depends on what you mean by clown.
    If you're talking about the person who actually spent years working on
    juggling, unicycling, acrobatics, etc. then those ones are really cool.
    If you're talking about people who just act stupid to get people to
    laugh, I think that those ones are really dumb.

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    I think it's time you broke out the computer head banging image.

    Raphael Lasar
    Matawan, NJ

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    You want us to put all clowns in the same category? Do I have to equate
    the Russian, Moscow Circus School-trained guy that was the Artistic
    Director of the last circus I saw with the guy at Chuck E Cheese? That
    wouldn't be fair to either of 'em. Or us.

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