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    [email protected] wrote:
    > I got a new bike. I got a new bike. I got a new bike.
    > Pretty pretty pretty pretty new bike. Mine, mine, mine. Mine, mine.
    > New bike. New bike.

    > I can't quote him exactly but he basically told me in Chinese (when
    > they sent me off last night with the saddle set waaaay too short) that
    > they'd like to make sure I had the reflex for using these brakes before
    > they put the saddle up to proper height. Gave me the emergency option
    > of feet.
    > Today (after about 15 kilometers of riding) we raised the saddle about
    > two inches. We'll probably raise it again (though far less
    > dramatically) tomorrow or Friday. And since I'm going to Shanghai for
    > 10 days starting on Monday they are making sure I have the street
    > address for the Shanghai Giant for extra tweaking.
    > Toe-clips. Again, starting me slow. Last night refused to put them on
    > until after I had been "introduced" to the bicycle. And he used 认识
    > (which is for meeting people) instead of 习惯 (which is forforming
    > habits).
    > This afternoon they put the toe clip on the left foot.


    Where can we get sales/service people like this?

    > -M