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    > On Jan 7th 2004 I posted a message about my first ride of the year. I
    > did my last ride of the year today and my total mileage for 2004 came to
    > 4503, my highest on record.

    I rode Igor back from the allotment today. I normally walk but I needed to
    take some wood down to make a new fence (just spent the morning grubbing up
    ca. 6m of privet hedge.) Easiest way to transport 3 of 2x2xlong (about
    12ft+) and a couple of shorter bits was to tie it to Igor. Fortunately I
    don't have to go round any corners except to get into the gate at the
    allotment. As the wood was severely restricting the steering, I ended up
    doing a wide circle across the road to get into the gate. Got a few strange
    looks wheeling a tandem with wood overhanging over a metre at each end.