Re: Immune system and longer runs


Doug Freese

"Roger Herzler" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi r.r,
> I finally crossed the 10 mile barrier with a run last Sunday morning.
> Monday rolled around and I re-caught the strep throat I had 2 weeks
> ago. Clearly I was probably still infected, or got re-infected through
> exposure somewhere, so I don't blame the long run per se. However, I
> talked to another pretty active guy here at work (run, bike, swim,
> etc.) and he mentioned that the extra stresses of harder/longer runs
> can reduce your immune system's abilities to fight off bugs. Is that
> the experience of those here and what do you do to mitigate these
> added risks?

Since the 10 mile run is at you current limit, your body is being
stressed. Stress does in fact reduce your immune system and allow the
virus to re-visit.