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  1. The Real Bev wrote:
    >>Sounds like, apart from general lack of
    >>practice/conditioning/fitness, you may be having trouble pacing
    >>yourself. Slow down. Coast downhill, go easy uphill, and ride at a
    >>relaxed pace on level ground.

    > After 10 years you'd think I'd had enough practice, right? It gets no
    > easier AND I go no faster AND I get just as tired.

    *nod* When I was riding 13 years ago, I did exactly that -- coasted
    downhill, went easy uphill, relaxed pace on what level ground I could
    find in WV, and never got any faster. I can't believe that I can do the
    same thing now, 13 years older, and have different results; it seems to
    me that I'm going to have to challenge myself if I want to improve.

    My websearch skills are abysmal (for someone who graduated university
    with a 4.0 GPA, I'm astonishingly stupid with a search engine), but I
    googled rec.bicycles.* on improving speed and took a look at the most
    promising-looking of the gazillion results. Specifically, these came up
    for training techniques to use: intervals, attacking hills, and
    increasing cadence (spinning). Additionally, there were some
    recommendations of increasing muscle strength with weight training.

    Sounds reasonable to me. Any reason these wouldn't work for the over-40
    female crowd?

    These are things that I'm willing to try, and actually, I've been doing
    strength training, started that before I started cycling again. I'm
    inclined to do intervals on my indoor trainer, but my 16-yr-old son
    would probably get a kick out of sprinting with Mom (and he's a
    slavedriver when he decides to take on the role of coach/trainer :) ).
    Hills I can find easily enough here in the Southern Tier. Spinning I
    can do indoors or out.

    I found a training regimen that incorporates most of it. Goes like this:

    · Day 1: 1-2 hour ride with 30 minutes of hard effort
    · Day 2: 1-2 hour ride at steady pace (65% MHR)
    · Day 3: Rest
    · Day 4: 1-1.5 hour ride with hills
    · Day 5: Rest or 1-hour easy recovery ride
    · Day 6: 1-1.5 hours with interval training
    · Day 7: Rest or 30-minute easy recovery ride


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