Re: ipod mini - tough enough for running?

This article will give you step-by-step instructions on how to
successfully obtain your free iPod using for as little as
$1. Many think that this site is a scam or a pyrimid sceam. A scam no,
a pyrimid yes, a sceam no. You do have to put forth some sort of effort
to get a free iPod. You must get five friends or relatives to do
exactly the following...

Step 1: Click here to go to the free iPod site.
To participate in this great offer you must live in the US

Step 2: Use an email address at the bottom of the page and choose a
password. (they will send you email, so please use a secondary account)

Step 3: Fill out all required shipping information. This tells them
where to send your iPod.

Step 4: (Do not exit at this point) This is the part that over 90% of
the people start thinking: "Maybe this isn't for real." They present to
you 10 different "optional" offers. These are not any of the real
offers needed to complete the getting the iPod.

Step 5: Skip all of the previous offers and you get to the refer
friends page. You can start sending emails to your friends here or skip
this step and do it later.

Step 6: Complete an offer. This is where real companies like AOL, Real
Networks and more are advertising through This is what
makes them successfull. Choose an offer and purchase or sign up.
(Choose the RealNetworks Real Rapsody. This cost $1...yes $1 dollar for
30 days. Cancel anytime. Even if you forget its only $10 a month after
the first month. For signing up they also give you 5 free songs to
burn. This is the best offer. Nothing is free, but an iPod for a dollar
and a little work is worth it. Some offers change. There is always one
offer where you pay next to nothing or just sign up for a 30 day trial.

Step 7: Get your friends to do the same thing. Even if you don't
complete it you get to download five songs.

Note: Completing an offer and not signing up your friends is what they
are counting on. It is more likely you get intreagued and then give up.
This doesn't mean that it is a scam. All you must do it finish. If this
still sounds to good to be true then go pay $300 for a new iPod. Have
patience and good luck.

If you haven't started yet. Get your iPod here!!!