Re: IRD Freewheels : Worth 3x the cost ??


Tom Sherman

Edward Dolan wrote:
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>> I have known several large GRR and Tour Easy (TE) [2] riders, and none of
>> them have had a problem with breaking rear axles. A couple of specialist
>> recumbent dealers direct their heaviest customers towards the Easy Racers
>> bikes, as they are one of the most suitable long-wheel base designs for
>> these riders.

> Large riders only look right on long wheelbase recumbents. They look like
> clowns on short wheelbase recumbents. Mr. Sherman needs to post a picture of
> himself on some website (like the fabled Harry Brogan of ARBR) and then I
> will advise him what kind of recumbent he should be on. I won't even charge
> him anything for my counsel - just part of My Saintliness!
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Like this: <>?

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