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> Mike Kruger writes:
>>>> There's an extensive discussion of this topic (including
>>>> indications that the rule can be either NGs or NG's) at

>>> Can you point out where it specifically says this? I can't find
>>> anything except the guidance that acronyms are pluralized with an
>>> "s", and only period-separated acronyms (like P.H.D.) are
>>> pluralized with an apostrophied "s".

> P.H.D is not an acronym but some form of abbreviation. I see no rules
> any where for that form, especially when there is an acronym for it.
>> Quoting from the above page:

>> "Use of plurals is another area of confusion to authors and editors.
>> As with everything, Chicago/Tribune style takes precedence in this
>> project. One area of specific confusion when it comes to computer
>> terms is with acronyms. Most people mistakenly add an apostrophe and
>> letter 's' to make an acronym plural. The major proponent of this
>> incorrect method is 'The New York Times,' even though all publishing
>> houses and computer magazines agree that it is wrong."

> The reason for the apostrophe is that the "s" is not part of the
> acronym and want some sort of separation from it. It is for this
> reason that it is used.
> To make up for that, acronyms that are in themselves plurals don't get
> spared that extension as in RPM, which most often is written RPM's or
> RPMs. That IS incorrect. I prefer the apostrophe for the reason I
> mentioned.
>> Rephrasing this in non-perjorative terms:
>> The New York Times would say NG's.
>> Most people would say NG's
>> Many/Most/All other publishers would say NGs.
>> To me, this says either can be justified.

> I'll stick by NG's because it makes sense to me, as does PhD's or
> BVD's.
> Jobst Brandt

Jobst and Mike are both correct anyone who says otherwise is crazy as a hoot
owl. Hells Bells, you can plainly see what looks right and what doesn't look
right. The NY Times (no friend of mine) is right and anyone who says
differently is wrong.

Thus spake Zarathustra.


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